It's Time to Make it Happen

Sometimes all we need is just a little kick.

Yes, I Want My Own Business

Don’t Settle.

Don’t finish crapy books. Don’t like the menu? Leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it. – Chris Brogan  

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Find an Idea

Work on the right things

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But Daniel, I don’t even know where to start or how to make it happen.

There is time to dream and there is time for cruel, hard work.

Dream big.

You see life through your own unique glasses. Consciously or not, every day you encounter products and services that are not as good as they could be. You know that some of those things could be faster, better, cheaper or more personal. And that’s your opportunity. Your opportunity to contribute. To make things better. To make people happier.

There is time when you just go to your favorite place, a beach, mountains, or just a coffee shop and you imagine how things could be. You dream and it feels so good. All of us do that. We dream of a better job, of earning more money, having our own business or a better body and better relationships.

The problem is that to have those things we have to change and change is hard.

Work hard.

We have to do something we have never done. And often that seems overwhelming, so we make one of the biggest mistakes, we decide to wait for “better time”. And that’s where most of us fail miserably. It’s the time when our little voice shows up and starts asking questions we don’t have an answer to. How will you make it happen? Where will you get the money? Who will buy it from you? Do you have time to do that? Isn’t everyone else already doing it?

But this is the time for hard, cruel work. Time to temporarily “forget” about our lofty dream. Time to look directly under our feet. Time to find the courage to take the first step. Just a tiny one. And then another. And another. Because these small steps, these things that are within our control, the things that we can chose to do right now at this moment, those small step make all the difference. They will take you closer and closer to your big dream, a little tiny step at a time.

If you feel stuck, or not getting what you want, it’s likely because you haven’t overcome the fear that prevents you to take action.

So often we overthink it. We look for the “secret” where there is none.

It would be my greatest pleasure to help you on the journey to your “dream”.

Amazing Things Happen When Passion And Focus Connect.

“Daniel is one of the most self driven person, and is a great motivator.” Curt K.

“Daniel has a passion for coaching and mentoring and is very good at it.” Sheila S.

“Daniel, you get glowing reviews from your customers.” Barry V.

We will either find a way or make one.

Your Current Results Don't Reflect Your True Potential.

3 Good Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Learn and Apply:

- what to do when you are not doing what you should do.

- how to really get started and keep going.

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